Water supply to Lamerd investors

Project Specifications

The Employer


Project Consultant

Abad Pey Paydar

Project Location

Lamerd, Fars, Iran


From July 2021 to May 2022

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

The purpose of the water supply network project for Lamerd investors was to create a reliable and efficient water supply system to meet the water needs of various industries and businesses in the economic zone.

At first, the development of the water supply network required not only detailed planning, nut also design, and construction of the necessary infrastructure. So the project considered water source identification, water treatment, transmission lines, distribution networks, and customer connections to ensure a comprehensive and sustainable water supply solution.

Design phase:

The design phase included hydraulic modeling, system optimization, and analysis of water demand patterns to determine the appropriate size of pipelines, pumping stations, storage tanks, and other components. Additionally, the network design aimed to maximize water flow, minimize pressure losses, and ensure equitable water distribution to all investors in the economic zone.

Construction phase:

The construction phase included the installation of pipelines, pumps, control systems, and other necessary infrastructure components. Accordingly, quality control measures were implemented to ensure the durability and reliability of the water supply network. Environmental considerations and compliance with relevant regulations were taken into account during the construction process.

The establishment of a strong water supply network in the special economic zone of Lamerd supports the growth and development of industries and businesses. In addition, this vital resource provides conditions for manufacturing processes, cooling systems, sanitation, and other water-related needs. It also enables investors to work efficiently and sustainably.


In conclusion, the development of the water supply network for investors in the special economic zone of Lamerd shows the commitment to providing the necessary infrastructure for business operations. Moreover, this project ensures a reliable water supply and supports the growth of the economic zone and investment.

The water supply network contributes to the success and sustainability of businesses in the economic zone and causes economic development and prosperity.

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