CEO’s speech
One of the most important issues in the discussion of national development is construction and development. Valuable construction activities cause more development and prosperity in the country, but what is ahead of development today is the view of sustainability or sustainable development.
The valuable and precious experiences of the specialists of this company, who have the most experience in research, research, teaching the latest engineering techniques, and providing engineering and executive services to public and private organizations and bodies, are the main capital of the company and its real history in the field. The membership of the company’s experts in various domestic and international scientific and technical centers shows the company’s interest in using the latest achievements of engineering sciences in its study and implementation projects.
Although not much time has passed since the establishment of this company, it has been able to gain the satisfaction of respected employers by performing engineering and executive activities in various construction and facilities fields, while providing the desired quality of work.
It is hoped that by making efforts and using the capabilities of the personnel of this company, we can be the source of effective services for our dear country.

Abad Pey Paydar was established in September 2015 with the aim of providing engineering services, equipment supply, and implementation and started its activities in the field of engineering, procurement, and construction projects.
This company has the grade of contracting (5- Water), and Engineering (3-water and Wastewater) from the Plan and Budget Organization of Iran.

fields of activity
Taking into account the expertise of the company’s colleagues AbadPeyPaydar and the current process of defining construction projects in Iran, which is mainly directed towards EPC, BOT, BOO, and similar contracts, it has led to macro management policies in this company, performing engineering and design services along with define executive activities. Therefore, the fields of activity of the company include engineering activities, providing equipment, and implementing construction projects, especially the following projects:

  • Municipal, rural, and industrial water and sewage facilities and equipment

  • The environment

  • Green space irrigation facilities

  • Building and Civil

Membership in the business clinic of Alborz province
Abad Pey Paydar is proud to have been selected as a member of the business clinic of the Alborz Industrial Estates Company since March 2017, and as an empowering and trusted company of this organization, it provides the required technical-engineering services to the industries located in the industrial estates of Alborz Province.

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