preparation studies of the Lamerd customs warehouse site

Project Specifications

The Employer


Project Consultant

Abad Pey Paydar

Project Location

Lamerd, Fars, Iran


From April 2020 to November 2020

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

In the beginning, the project of preparation of the Lamerd customs warehouse site was carried out with the aim of evaluating the suitability of the site, analyzing the necessary requirements, and developing a plan for the establishment of the customs warehouse.

These studies include a thorough analysis of site characteristics. For instance, topography, geotechnical conditions, and available infrastructure. In addition, factors such as access, security, also logistical considerations were considered to ensure the efficient operation of the customs warehouse.

Site Preparation

Firstly, it should be mentioned that the preparation of the site included various steps. It includes site mapping, geotechnical surveys, and environmental impact assessment. These studies aim to identify any potential challenges; such as soil stability issues or environmental concerns, and develop appropriate mitigation measures.

The results of the studies provided valuable insight into the suitability of the site for a customs warehouse. moreover, it informed the development of a comprehensive site preparation plan. To clarify, this plan included activities such as land clearing, grading, construction of access roads, water and electricity supply, and security measures.

Another point is that the preparation of the site for the customs warehouse helps not only the overall development but also the performance of the energy industry’s special economic zone in Lamard. The warehouse facilitates efficient customs operations, storage of goods, and support for the logistics needs of businesses in the economic zone.


In conclusion, the studies conducted on the preparation of the customs warehouse site in the special economic zone of energy-producing industries in Lamerd indicate a systematic approach to the evaluation and planning of the site. These studies provide valuable information for informed decision-making. Besides, they ensure the establishment of a functional and safe customs warehouse. This project supports the growth and efficiency of the economic zone; and will greatly contribute to its increasing success as a hub of the energy industry.