Water supply to Taw paper factory

Project Specifications

The Employer

Taw paper of Aras


Abad Pey Paydar

Project Consultant

Abad Pey Paydar

Project Location

Jolfa, East Azerbaijan, Iran


From September 2021 to February 2022

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

The project of implementing the water supply pipeline to the Taw Paper factory was carried out by Abad Pey Paydar as a contractor, consultant, and supplier of equipment, and the Taw Paper factory of Aras located in Aras heavy industry site as the employer. This project included the installation of a water supply pipeline. Additionally, the mentioned pipeline connected the main pipe located in the 35-meter middle street of the site to the factories.


Firstly, the implementation stage included various activities; including site preparation, route mapping from the branching point from the 35-meter street to the entrance of the factory, implementation of polyethylene pipes with a diameter of 250 and 200 with a working pressure of 10 bar, implementation of the drainage basin and related connections, installation of all polyethylene and drainage accessories, asphalt cutting and the execution of the sleeve. Secondly, we considered factors such as pipeline material selection, diameter size, and hydraulic considerations to ensure an efficient and reliable water supply system.

Completing the water supply pipeline to these factories in the Aras Free Zone provides a vital resource for their activities. In addition, it guarantees a reliable and uninterrupted water supply. Moreover, this is essential for various industrial processes, cooling systems, and other water-related needs.


Abad Pey Paydar was also responsible for supervising the implementation of this water supply project. This responsibility includes not only compliance with industry standards but also coordination with employers of Taw Paper of Aras. Furthermore, we provided expert solutions in pipeline installation techniques, quality control measures, and project management and ensured the successful implementation of the water supply pipeline.


In conclusion, the implementation of the water supply pipeline to Aras Taw Paper Factory shows the commitment of Abad Pey Paydar as a contractor and consultant in providing necessary infrastructure solutions. This project supports the smooth functioning of factories. It also helps the growth and success of Aras heavy industries. In addition, a reliable water supply increases efficiency and ensures continuous production and sustainability of factories.

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