Upgrading the wastewater treatment plant in Baharestan

Project Specifications

The Employer

Reza GolMohammadi

Project Consultant

Abad Pey Paydar

Project Location

Kamalshahr city, Alborz Province, Iran


From May 2022 to June 2023

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

This project includes addressing the challenges and increasing the efficiency of the existing sewage treatment plant infrastructure according to the described services.

Engineering Services

Engineering services included a comprehensive assessment of the wastewater treatment plant, including its processes, equipment, and overall performance. The goal was to identify areas for improvement and develop an appropriate program. We did this to improve plant performance and meet regulatory standards.

The improvement project includes different stages. These steps include process optimization, equipment upgrades, and infrastructure improvements. In addition, we integrated engineering calculations, hydraulic modeling, and environmental considerations into the design. With this work, we ensured optimal efficiency of purification and compliance with environmental regulations.

The services provided also included the evaluation and selection of advanced treatment technologies suitable for the specific needs of the wastewater treatment plant in Baharestan Industrial Town. The aim of these technologies is to improve the treatment process, reduce environmental effects, and improve the quality of treated wastewater.

Support and training

In addition, engineering services included the development of maintenance and operation guidelines to ensure the long-term sustainability of the plant. Training programs and operational support were provided to equip plant operators with the necessary skills and knowledge for efficient plant management.

By performing these engineering services, Baharestan Industrial Town’s wastewater treatment plant has been improved. This was to achieve higher treatment standards, reduce environmental impacts, and increase overall efficiency. This project contributes to the sustainable development of the industrial city by promoting responsible wastewater management and complying with legal requirements.


In conclusion, the engineering services provided for the improvement of the wastewater treatment plant of Baharestan Industrial City show the commitment to improving the processes and infrastructure of wastewater treatment. The services listed were to address specific challenges and improve overall plant performance. It was also implemented to ensure a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to wastewater treatment.

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