Designing a ground concrete tank for Fanavaran Alborz

Project Specifications

The Employer

Alborz Technology Campus, Zanjan

Project Consultant

Abad Pey Paydar

Project Location

Abhar City, Zanjan Province, Iran


From December to March 2022

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

We carried out the engineering services of this project for Alborz Technologist Campus Company in Zanjan with private equity. It is good to mention that the project involved the design of an in-ground concrete tank with a focus on structural integrity, performance, and compliance with industry standards. Designing the reservoir according to the specific needs and requirements of Alborz Technical Campus in Zanjan ensured that their storage capacity was met.

Design Process

The design process includes not only detailed engineering calculations, but also evaluation of bearing capacity, and consideration of various factors; Soil conditions, water pressure, and environmental conditions are examples of these factors. In addition, we carefully planned the layout, dimensions, and reinforcement details of the tank to ensure long-term durability and optimal performance.

Our designers also paid special attention to the connection between the two chambers. They took this action to ensure a seamless flow of water and maintain structural stability. Also, the design of this ground concrete tank included provisions for access points, drainage systems, and other necessary components to facilitate the maintenance and operation of the tank.

Alborz Zanjan Technical Campus is trying to improve its storage capabilities. It also tries to secure the supply of water or other fluids for its operations. Ground tank construction supports the company’s goals by providing a safe and efficient storage solution tailored to their specific needs.

monitoring process

Abad Pey Paydar was also responsible for supervising the implementation of this water supply project. This responsibility includes compliance with standards and coordination with the employers of the Alborz Technologists Campus. We provided specialized solutions in quality control measures and project management. We also ensured the successful implementation of the concrete tank.


All in all, we performed our services for the design of the ground concrete tank. It has a volume of 1000 cubic meters including two connected 500 cubic meter chambers. This project shows our commitment to providing a strong storage solution. This design takes into account the requirements of the company; It also aims to achieve its goals while adhering to the best engineering practices and standards.

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