Refinery and concrete tank Mesil Ibrahim Abad

Project Specifications

The Employer

District 8 Municipality of Tehran

Project Consultant

Project Location

Tamdan Park , District 8, Tehran, Tehran


From May to October 2024

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

In the Mesil Ibrahimabad water treatment plant and concrete tank project, during the actions taken by the consultant experts, various options were examined. It should be noted that these options were for locating and building the desired structures for this project. Finally, among more than 20 locations, a large number of options were screened for technical and managerial reasons. The proposed options were given in the description of a report for summoning and decision-making of delivery to the Municipality of Region 8.

General description

Treatment and reuse of wastewater and surface water, especially in big cities, is a suitable and economical solution for water supply. Because by purifying these non-conventional sources of water, the environmental pollution caused by sewage is reduced. Also, they reduce the amount of withdrawal from underground water tables and other sources that can be used for drinking and other purposes. In the meantime, the treatment of surface runoff due to the less intensity of pollution they have, in terms of Technical considerations and economic estimates are more justified.

District 8 of the municipality with an area of ​​more than 1300 hectares and with a green area of ​​more than 170 hectares, with access to the canals flowing in its area, is suitable for the treatment of surface runoff. Also, it can provide a significant share of green space irrigation needs.

It should be noted that in the Mesil Ibrahimabad water treatment plant and concrete tank project, before signing the contract, in accordance with the management decisions of the respected employer, the use of the Ibrahimabad canal was intended to perform the treatment and storage process. These consultants also followed the decision. It has focused on exploiting Mesil.


In conclusion, the engineering services provided for the Mesil Ibrahimabad water treatment plant and concrete tank project show a commitment to improving its processes and infrastructure. The items mentioned were to address specific challenges and improve the overall performance of the treatment plant. It was also implemented to ensure a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach for this project.

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