Wastewater treatment package of Hezar Shahid Park

Project Specifications

The Employer

District 10 Municipality of Tehran


Abad Pey Paydar


From March 2024 to June 2024

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

This project was the result of the cooperation between the contractor Abadpi Pagdar and the employer of the 10th district of Tehran for the purchase, equipment, repair and operation of the Hazar Shaheed Garden treatment package to meet the needs of the municipality.

It included various stages, including opening and collecting pipes, construction and operation of the sewage treatment package of the municipality of Region 10. It evaluated the specific needs of the municipality of Region 10 by considering factors such as population growth, industrial activities and environmental regulations.


The design phase has included the development of a suitable wastewater treatment system considering the input characteristics and desired quality. This plan includes various purification processes such as screening, sedimentation, biological purification and disinfection. These processes are to ensure the effective removal of pollutants from the wastewater. In this project, only within the scope of the wastewater treatment package is considered, and the transmission of electricity from other places, including nearby buildings or other sources, is not included in the costs. Employer (Region 10 Municipality) ) committed to deliver the required electricity to the contractor in the vicinity of the sewage treatment package.

Construction stage

The construction phase was focused on the installation of the infrastructure of the treatment plant. including tanks, pipelines, pumps and control systems. In addition, stringent quality control measures were implemented to ensure plant compliance with design specifications and environmental standards that promote responsible wastewater management, protect water resources, and community health and well-being.


In conclusion, the District 10 municipal project is an example of the commitment of Abad Pi Padayar and the municipality to provide an efficient and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment. The successful implementation of this project will support the growth of the municipality by ensuring the proper management of wastewater and the protection of the surrounding ecosystem.