Kimiashahr water supply, irrigation, and sewage collection network

Project specifications

the employer

Parsian energy-intensive industrial zone

Project Consultant

Abad Pey Paydar

Project location

Parsian City, Hormozgan Province, Iran


From February 2019 to August 2019

project process percentage


Project Introduction

project goal

Firstly, the goal of this project was to create a support town for Parsian energy-intensive industries located south of Kushkenar in the Parsian site (Kimiashahr). It can cover the service deficiencies of the region and provide a suitable space for the establishment of a new population and not only administrative but also service centers of the region. To achieve this goal, the design of the water supply network, green space irrigation, also sewage collection network of Kimiashahr town has been entrusted to these consulting engineers.

design process

Secondly, the design process includes estimating the town’s water needs and the amount of water needed for green space irrigation. In addition, it contains the amount of wastewater produced in the town, the design of water tanks and their placement, the design of treatment packages and sewage treatment plants, and their placement as well. For collecting and treating sewage, we divided Kimiashahr town into three districts and placed sewage treatment packages in each district.

Additionally, for optimal design and economic saving, we designed the network based on the minimum required diameter, in such a way that the replacement of a smaller diameter will reduce the pressure of the network from its minimum allowable.

In order to estimate the amount of water needed in the green space of the city, we divided the plants into three levels. low-requirement, medium-requirement, and high-requirement plants. By allocating per capita water consumption for each level of water requirement for irrigation of green areas of the town, we receive 5000 cubic meters of support services per day. Not to mention the source of water supply required for irrigation of green areas, we considered treated sewage.


Eventually, one of the solutions that we used to reduce the use of water and replace it with other sources, is the use of sewage for irrigation. Therefore, due to the significant volume of produced wastewater, with proper treatment of wastewater and its storage, it was possible to supply and distribute this water for irrigation.

Sewage Treatment Plant in Lamerd Support Industries Town
Desalination and Sanitation system for Parsian special zone
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