Infrastructural Design of Shiraz University

Project Specifications

The Employer

Medical Sciences Campus of Shiraz University

Project Consultant

Abad Pey Paydar

Project Location

Sadra city, Shiraz


From November 2023 to February 2024

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

The project of performing the services related to the design of the first phase of the mechanical infrastructure of the Shiraz University site was carried out by Abad Pey Paydar as the designer and Shiraz University Medical Sciences Campus as the employer. This project included the design of a green space irrigation network, industrial and sanitary wastewater collection network, fire fighting water network, and sanitary water network.

Green Space Irrigation Network of Shiraz University

The goal of the green space irrigation project of Shiraz University Medical Sciences Campus was to develop an efficient irrigation system to support green spaces.

The design process included a detailed analysis of the specific needs of green spaces. Our team considered factors such as types of plants, soil conditions, water availability, and weather conditions of the Shiraz University site. These considerations are necessary to ensure the development of an irrigation network that distributes water optimally. We also paid attention to the growth and health of the green space in the region. Water conservation and sustainability considerations were integrated into the design. This work aimed to minimize water losses, reduce environmental impacts, and promote responsible management of water resources.

Water distribution network of Shiraz University

The optimum design for this project due to the topographical conditions and the high height difference of the site made us face a challenge. The optimum design for this project due to the topographical conditions and the high height difference of the site made us face a challenge. Also, the positive and negative points for each option were examined in detail. Finally, the best option was introduced and the necessary calculations were done according to that option. In order to have an optimal design as well as economic savings, the water supply network has been designed based on the minimum required diameter. This was done in such a way that the replacement of a smaller diameter would reduce the pressure of the network from the minimum allowed.

Sewage collection network of Shiraz University

Irregular elevations, as well as large differences in the site, made the design of the sewage collection network also face challenges. Finally, the entire site was divided into three areas and a treatment plant or sewage treatment package was considered for each. The wastewater treated by these treatment plants will be used to irrigate green areas. Also, this company focused on designing and building efficient and high-quality pipelines, pumping stations, manholes and related infrastructure. This specification emphasized the need for an efficient and reliable network to collect wastewater from the medical sciences campus of Shiraz University.


In conclusion, this project is an example of Abad Pey Paydar’s commitment to providing efficient and environmentally friendly designs. The successful implementation of this project will support the growth of this university by guaranteeing the management of the irrigation network, sewage collection network, and fire water network.

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