Concrete channel construction of Behran Oil Company

Project Specifications

The Employer

Behran Oil Company


Abad Pey Paydar

Project Location

Khairabad Junction, Old Qom Road, Tehran


From December 2023 until now

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

The topic of this project is the provision of materials and concrete channel construction services in front of the cooling towers at Behran Oil Company. The canal has a length of 12 meters. In addition, we constructed a concrete channel for pipe and electricity next to the project workshop with a length of 19 meters in Behran Oil Refinery.

We, as contractors, have adjusted and provided schedules and working facilities. We did that in such a way that the whole operation always has homogeneous progress. Moreover, we implemented appropriate methods and compliance with the sequence of works. This sequence provides the quality and progress of the project according to the contract.

It should be noted that We will implement this project in two stages. In the first stage, we will demolish half of the street and the canal. Then, in the second stage, after 14 days, we will start the second part of the canal.

Construction and Procurement

One of our services for the Behran oil concrete canal project is concrete curing. Also, Necessary arrangements for concrete pouring and its care include keeping the concrete moist. It means supplying water and using sacks or nylon. In each of the channels, a longitudinal sounding with a width of one meter and the length of the channel is placed. After identifying the places free of conflicts, we will excavate those places with a mini-excavator to speed up the work.

The services provided by this contractor include manual excavation too. To add more, demolition of reinforced concrete with a wind compressor, loading, and transportation of refuse to authorized centers of the municipality. Additionally, preparation and execution of machine concrete with 350 grade, preparation, and execution of column plate, and preparation and execution of Megar concrete. We will provide preparation and execution of not only nylon but also reinforcement and metal formwork. It should be noted that, at the same time as we excavate the ground, we will load and remove the garbage.


In conclusion, the implementation of a concrete channel for Behran Oil Company shows the commitment of Abad Pey Paydar as a contractor and equipment supplier in providing infrastructure. This project supports the smooth functioning of factories. It also contributes to the growth and success of Behran Oil Company.

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