Industrial water preparation for Khazar Oil Company

Project Specifications

The Employer

Khazar Oil Company


Abad Pey Paydar

Project Location


From January to February 2018

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

First of all, it should be noted that the purpose of this project is to create a dedicated water supply line to meet the specific water needs of the oil plant; Additionally, to ensure a reliable and efficient water distribution system.

This project involves the design, construction, and installation of a pipeline network. This work is necessary to connect the main pipeline to the Khzar Oil Plant. In other words, we routed the pipeline strategically to optimize water flow, minimize pressure losses, and meet not only required water quality but also quantity standards.

Construction phase

We considered key observations in the construction process of this project. These considerations include evaluating the hydraulic characteristics of the main pipeline, conducting feasibility studies, and complying with relevant regulations and standards. In addition, our engineers considered environmental factors and potential impacts on surrounding areas to ensure sustainability and responsible construction.

Through this industrial water diversion project, the Khazar Oil Plant aims to increase operational efficiency, improve water management practices, and ensure continuous and reliable water supply for its industrial processes. Also, the successful construction of the project contributed to the overall growth and sustainability of the factory operations.


In conclusion, the construction of the branching plan for the industrial water supply of the Kazar Oil Plant is an important step towards optimizing water resources, supporting industrial development, and ensuring the smooth operation of the oil plant.

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