The Persian Gulf special zone comprehensive plan

Project specifications

the employer

Special economic zone for mineral and metal industries of the Persian Gulf

Project Consultant

Abad Pey Paydar

Project location

Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan province


From February 2020 to June 2020

project process percentage


Project Introduction

The special economic zone of the mineral and metal industries of the Persian Gulf is considered one of the best industrial areas of the country in the field of steel, aluminum, and zinc production. Based on the relative advantages of the country in the field of energy, diversity of mineral reserves; Also access to open waters, and access to rail, road, and transportation lines. It has started its activities at the national and regional levels since 1998. It also provided many opportunities for the economic development of the province and the country with a series of successful operations.

Updating the master plan of the Persian Gulf special zone is one of the necessary measures to carry out maximum development. Accordingly, We accepted the revision of the master plan for the development of the special industrial-mineral economic zone of the Gulf.

We carried out these studies for the Persian Gulf special zone in three preliminary stages. Recognition of the current situation, data analysis, and evaluation from an economic point of view. Moreover, based on the results of these studies, We prepared the master plan of the special region and at the end, We presented the implementation phase of the plan.

The services that these consulting engineers provided for the special zone include water, sewage, and irrigation network design, gas supply network design, reservoir placement, and sewage treatment plants. In addition, We included the investigation of water needs in our agenda.