Pardis Tourism Complex

Project Specifications

The Employer



Abad Pey Paydar

Project Consultant

Abad Pey Paydar

Project Location

Rodhan city, Fardis city


From January 2022 to February 2022

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

The project of providing services related to the design of executive plans (second stage) of the mechanical facilities of the campus tourism complex was carried out by Abadpi Padayar as the designer of the campus tourism complex located in the campus as the employer. This project included the preparation of executive plans for water and irrigation networks, and wastewater collection and disposal. .

Green irrigation network

The goal of the green space irrigation project of Pardis Tourism Complex was to develop an efficient irrigation system to support green spaces.

The design process included a detailed analysis of the specific needs of green spaces. Our team considered factors such as plant types, soil conditions, water availability, and weather considerations. These considerations are necessary to ensure the development of an irrigation network that distributes water optimally. We also paid attention to the growth and health of the green space in the region.

Water conservation and sustainability considerations were integrated into the design. It also ensured efficient use of water through the implementation of smart irrigation practices and technologies. This work aimed to minimize water losses, reduce environmental impacts, and promote responsible management of water resources.

Sewer network

The process of designing the wastewater network of the campus tourism complex is divided into two parts. These two are industrial wastewater and sanitary wastewater. For each of them, the pipeline plan, profile, and implementation details along the map have been prepared and delivered.

The design of the wastewater collection network was focused on the design and construction of the network including pipelines, manholes, and related infrastructure. This specification emphasized the need for an efficient and reliable network to collect and transfer wastewater from the campus tourism complex.


In conclusion, this project is an example of Abad Pey Paydar’s commitment to providing efficient and environmentally friendly designs. The successful implementation of this project will support the growth of campus tourism by ensuring the management of the irrigation network, sewage collection network.

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