Flood control and surface water collection of parsian

Project Specifications

The Employer

Parsian energy-intensive industrial zone

Project Consultant

Abad Pey Paydar

Project Location

Parsian city, Hormozgan province


From September 2016 to June 2018

Project Process Percentage


Project Introduction

We are proud to announce that the flood control and surface water collection project of the special area for energy industries was entrusted to us.

The services performed in this project by these consulting engineers are:

Physiographic studies, meteorology and hydrology studies, geotechnical studies, flow hydraulic studies, flood studies, comparison of different proposed options and selection of the best option for flood and sediment control, determination of hydraulic dimensions of the proposed structures, final location and detailed design of flood control engineering plans.

Our other services in this project include hydraulic design, including checking and verifying the hydraulic calculations of the approved option, determining the dimensions and geometric specifications of the design based on the results of calculations and hydraulic specifications, as well as structural design, including specifying the facilities, limitations, and materials required for detailed design. Examining the results of geotechnical studies carried out along the route of the river and at the site of the technical building and determining geotechnical parameters such as foundation resistance, the amount of settlement and type of floors, adhesion and angle of internal friction, providing details and technical specifications of each of the design components in order to prepare maps. An executive pointed out.